Sustaınable Dry Cleanıng Solutıons: GreenEarth Cleanıng

Sustaınable Dry Cleanıng Solutıons: GreenEarth Cleanıng

Handing over your garments to a dry-cleaning service and then collecting it after a day or two is a fairly convenient alternative to washing your own clothes. Not much thought is put into what happens to the clothes after you’ve handed them over, yet some companies deliver brighter, cleaner clothes with zero traces of cleaning detergents or detergent odours. These companies stand out from the rest because their technologies and environmental footprint has been carefully configured to the latest in eco-friendly business practices.
GreenEarth Cleaning is the largest brand of environmentally friendly dry-cleaning, and their aim for customer satisfaction lies in providing superior quality dry-cleaning solutions. Their aim is to leave garments looking crisp and as fresh as the day they were bought. They use eco-friendly liquid silicone based laundry detergents, and are achieving better results in the dry-cleaning industry – as compared to competitors using petroleum based solvents. Thus ensuring satisfied customers with whites that are coming out whiter and colors that retain their vibrance. GreenEarth Cleaning is a dry-cleaning solution with a conscience. Below, we explore the differences in chemicals used and how to achieve a sustainable dry cleaning solution over the long term.

Petroleum Based Solvents
Perc which is short for perchloroethylene, is the petroleum based solvent used in dry-cleaning garments. It is a dangerous chemical to use and has the potential to contaminate soil and water if it isn’t disposed of properly. It has been classified as a Toxic Air Contaminant by the EPA. Seek immediate medical attention if you’ve been exposed to it and if you suffer from irritation in the eyes, nose or throat. Some symptoms also include headaches, dizziness or fatigue. Be cautious when handling petroleum based solvents such as this one. With the potential to cause cancer, its been classified as a likely carcinogen.

Silicone Based Solvents
Silicone based solvents use liquid silicone. It is an odorless and colorless solution that is non-hazardous and is also used in eco-friendly dry-cleaning services. Because the solution is chemically inert, all garments will retain their color and texture much longer as it won’t chemically react with the dyes or fabric which are being cleaned. It’s safe for the environment even after exposure to soil, water and air, making it unnecessary for the EPA to regulate it. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous. If this solution comes into contact with the soil and water, it will break down into its natural compounds: sand (SiO2), water and carbon dioxide. Leaving no traces of any disposal or contamination.

Wide Application and Usability
Silicone based solvents have a very low surface tension, is light in weight and can penetrate and clean the fibers in your garments much easier than petroleum based solvents and water. Because of its higher solubility, it is soaked up more effectively into the fibers, letting smaller particles rinse in-between the fibers. The light-weight properties result in a gentle wash, reducing the stress of wear and tear on the fabric. This allows for a wider variety of garments to be safely washed without risking damage to it. Items such as silk, suede, leather, beads, sequins, painted or couture garments and heirloom fabrics may now be dry-cleaned whilst remaining soft and smooth without any shrinkage or lingering chemical odors.

Eco-Friendly Formula
Using eco-friendly products and providing eco-friendly services are becoming the norm as of late, as it serves a niche of customers that prefer to have a smaller impact on the environment. In order to satisfy this need as well as to provide a socially responsible service, GreenEarth Cleaning has invested in providing eco-friendly dry-cleaning solutions.

Future of Cleaning
Using an environmentally friendly cleaning product that is both sustainable and is better at cleaning garments and materials is a step in the right direction. People always strive to improve, and those that innovate and implement are sure to stand out from the rest. This time, the improvement in dry-cleaning services has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. As more and more people switch from petroleum based solutions to eco-solutions, so will our overall impact on the environment. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic biodegradable solutions are the future of sustainable cleaning and business practices.