Wet Cleanıng VS Dry Cleanıng — BLOG MONTELEONE

Wet Cleanıng VS Dry Cleanıng — BLOG MONTELEONE

Have you ever faced the struggle of choosing between wet cleaning and dry cleaning? Or, better said, have you ever found yourself in a situation of not knowing or not fully understanding what exactly these two types of cleaning are? Well, fear not, because we are going to bring light into these processes and teach you how you can use them to better suit your clothes and needs.
The primary idea that all people should understand is that cleaning, at its basis, is actually a science -closely studied and developed by professionals in order to develop the best cleaning methods for each type of material.

What is wet cleaning?
Wet cleaning is probably more familiar, as this process is very common and kind of similar to the process of doing laundry at home. Wet cleaning consists of washing the garments with water and detergents in an electric washing machine. Wet cleaning is somehow environmentally friendly because chemical solvents are not involved in this process, the detergents and conditioners are more biodegradable and the machinery is usually eco-friendly.

What are the pros and cons of wet cleaning?
Since wet cleaning is supposed to be a common method of cleaning in every laundry, you should be aware of the pros and cons of this process. Why should you opt for this method and to which clothes it suits better?

  • We are using eco-friendly detergents which are more biodegradable;
  • The cleaning process can be customized according to the material types;
  • The sensitive machinery is perfect for delicate clothes which normally cannot withstand normal washing machines and powerful spins;
  • Colors will be better retained since harsh solvents are not used in this process;
  • Clothes will feel softer.

Chance of stretching and wrapping the clothes because of the water, incorrect machinery or unsuitable washing programs;
Some sports may need pre-cleaning with special removers;
Some detergents give allergy reactions to people who have sensitive skin;

What is dry cleaning?
Contrary to what the name suggests, dry cleaning is not a dry process and does not refer to a dry method of cleaning. The name comes from the fact that water is not used in this process, but chemical or eco-friendly solvents. The clothes are soaked in machinery filled with solvent and cleaned without water. After the clothes are cleaned, they are dried and pressed. Nowadays, most companies gave up on chemical solvents which are harmful to the environment and are choosing greener methods, such as liquefied carbon dioxide.

What are the pros and cons of dry cleaning?
As wet cleaning, dry cleaning has also, advantages and disadvantages, in concordance with the types of fabrics and customer’s needs. Here is what you need to know about dry cleaning:

  • Since oil and grease are insoluble in water, which means the water cannot dissolve the stain, dry cleaning is the best option thanks to the solvents;
  • We are using environmentally friendly solvents, which do not harm nature;
  • Perfect for garments that will disintegrate in water, such as clothes, pillows or blankets manufactured with bulk goose down filling;
  • Spot removers are unnecessary;
  • Some beadings may lose the color or dissolve in the solvent;
  •  Some solvents may not retain the vibrancy of colors;
  • Some laundries may not use eco-friendly solvents;
  • Cheap solvents may turn the white clothes yellowish.

What are the differences between wet cleaning and dry cleaning?
The main difference between these two cleaning processes is that wet cleaning is done with water while dry cleaning without water. While dry cleaning has a more efficient rate of spot removal, wet cleaning preserves the color of fabrics longer. Some solvents used in the process of dry cleaning may be harsh and make the clothes rigid. However, at Monteleone, you will only find eco-friendly solvents, that are biodegradable and can be used even for people with sensitive skins. In the same time, detergents and conditioners we are using in the process of wet cleaning are eco-friendly.
We are an environmental-friendly company that loves nature and the desire to protect it can be noticed in both our cleaning methods. Even if the basis of the processes are different, both of them are safe and specially developed for the environment and people’s health.